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Testimonials for EPI crossovers, refoam work, and silver wire interconnects

This gentleman purchased a pair of upgrade EPI M-90s:  AAA+++Speakers were better than Bill rated them and sound terrific! Contact him for quality EPI speaker updates/modifications-you will be happy!  http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/myfeed.pl?0&16&viewfeed&3&4&Bill18018&phm.Q.M5dxGyg&

This gentleman purchased a pair of custom EPI 60s I built, including the cabinets:  Bill, has great knowledge and uses it in his designing of PROVEN PRODUCTS with updated technology.........I am pleased with the modified EPI 60's he has designed, they are tanks and the imaging is exceptional.  http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/myfeed.pl?0&17&viewfeed&3&4&Bill18018&phm.Q.M5dxGyg&

I purchased a set of Genesis 2 Speakers from Bill that just did not have the high end I wanted.  He came up with a solution and made the necessary crossover correction.  They now are exceptional.  I also had him install crossovers and do modifications to a pair of EPI 100's I own.  I cannot speak highly enough for the results he achieved.  If you are interested in EPI or Genesis products and want truly professional up grades you cannot go wrong having Truibue Audio do the work for you.  -John in PA

This testimonial comes in two parts.  Part one, Bob gets his EPI 100 speakers reworked. "OK, Bill. I've had the time to really sit and listen to my speakers, and they sound wonderful. They've come to life, and they're whetting my appetite for more. So I'd like to try the amp and your home-made interconnects."  Part two, after the used Creek integrated amp and a set of my ICs; "OH .....MY.....FRIGGIN.........GOOOOOOOOOD!  I am AMAZED! You were not kidding. I'm hearing things on my CDs that I didn't even know were on there before. What a treat! No need for a sub-woofer now.....".  -Bob in Maine

"Just wanted to let you know that I installed the crossover in one of my speakers and compared it to the other original speaker. What a difference, the highes are very clear and crisp, and the bass is full and deep but very defined. The mids are great as well, it's so good I have to keep telling myself it's only 2 speakers in the cabinet but it sounds like a three-way or four way speaker.  I'll be doing the other speaker when I get a chance - can't wait."  -Bob Lee

This gentleman bought a few sets of my silver wire ICs.  "For years and years Penny has told me more than once that all of this audio stuff I buy doesn't improve the sounds even a token amount. Not so fast this time, I played a couple of tracks from the Eagles Hell freezes over DVD; out with the old-in with the new; replaying the same tracks with no other changes. Penny couldn't believe her ears, she could hear many more instruments and they were clearer, much more spatial with a broader sound stage. So, my friend. Good job."  -Terry M

This gentleman shipped me his 100s from Arizona for dampening, crossovers, and cosmetic touches.  "Both look and sound great! Wish service was this good everywhere! These 30+ year olds just got a new lease on life and seem at home in the back dedicated music room".  -Mark in AZ

Crossovers and refoamed woofers for Epicure 20s.  "Oh My Gosh!!!  I forgot just how incredible these sound.  They are perfect!!!  I can't believe how powerful the bass is.  And the highs!!  I am sooo happy with these!!  Thank you soo much.  They are better than I imagined!!  I put in Pink Floyd, The Division Bell and cranked it up.  I thought the windows were going to break.  You can feel the bass hit you and the tweeters sing!!  Man am I happy.  You are the man Bill.  My wife came into the office where I have them and said "WOW!! You're going to put these down stairs in the living room right?"  And she is not a stereo freak like me.  She said they are the best speakers she has ever heard.  By the way, the living room has Bose 901's...until now!  However long it takes to finish the other pair is well worth it.  I'll be sittin' here drinkin' a cocktail and listening to Floyd, Rush and Steely Dan.  I'm in heaven!!!!!"  -Cris in AZ

"Bill's cross-overs are reasonably priced, of professional quality, acoustically enhancing, and best of all, Made in U.S.A."  -Chris in CA


I installed the tweeters and crossovers -- no problems,  very straightforward.  The speakers SOUND AMAZING.  Thanks so much!!  You are offering a fantastic service!  -Brad B.

The EPI 100's are stand alone classics.  With the Bill's crossovers and recommended enclosure dampening the new 100's sound better than my KEF 103.2's and that is quite a statement......preferred for sure!!  -Jack H.

Dave L did several projects with my crossovers.  Dave wrote me a very nice letter that I really appreciate it.  He even sent me a few pictures of his projects.  Dave's Projects

Bill completely refurbished my beloved EPI 110's, along with two pairs of EPI 70's.  They all sound better than when new, which is really saying something.  The crossovers are top notch.  Bill also sold me a pair of upgraded EPI 201's, which are awesome.  He has a wealth of knowledge about EPI products and happily shares that with other EPI fanatics.  -Jim S, MD

I also have perfect feedback  in E-bay and Audiogon for my work including one gentleman who referred to my crossovers as "Works of Art".


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