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Tribute Audio Products:

Get the best possible sound from your vintage EPI speakers.  Tribute Audio offers some very simple replacement parts that will substantially improve the performance of your EPI speakers.

Crossovers and Upgrades

Excellent premium quality crossovers:  Add incredible detail and clarity to your speakers.  You will hear detail you never heard before even in familiar music.  For most models installing new crossovers is quite simple and requires no special tools.  All you will need is some glue and a hammer.

Speaker Wire

Great speakers demand great cables.  Part of the beauty of the these upgrades is freedom from skinny wire and spring clips.  I build an amazing set of speaker cables with a very un-amazing price.


Please don't use the junk plastic ICs that come with your CD player.  Good cables make a difference you can hear.  All the same, you don't want to buy into the audiophile madness of cables that cost as much as a used car.

Replacement Tweeters and Woofers

Clone Speakers

For the ultimate music reproduction start with an excellent cabinet.  I build from 3/4" MDF with a 1" baffle and reinforce every joint with angled glue blocks.  Imagine a small bookshelf speaker approaching 21 pounds.  Between the crossovers and the dampened tank-like cabinets, the sound and imaging is stunning.  As of June 2009 since moving, my workshop is not what it used to be, so I am pretty much out of the business of building cabinets.  There are however some beautiful pre-finished cabinet available online at Parts Express, so if you want your EPI sound coming out of a modern looking box that any spouse would think is pretty, let me know and we can talk about creating something just for you.