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Tribute Audio Repair Service for EPI and Epicure Speakers

EPI Upgrade Services

Installation of crossovers and cabinet dampening.  Installing new crossovers is pretty simple in most models if you are even the slightest bit handy.  Generally it takes about an hour plus some time for glue to dry if you don't have a hot glue gun.  Model 20 and 20+ are different since they have a metal terminal cup instead of a masonite board.

Surround Repair

Replace the surrounds and dust caps on 6.5" and 8" EPI woofers.  Professional results and competitive pricing.  When you look at the cost of most of the DIY refoaming kits having someone else who has done it before is a real deal.  Typically a kit is about $25 and it will take upwards of two hours of time for a beginner to install new surrounds.  For $50 (plus return shipping) I will refoam your EPI 6.5" or 8" woofers and do a very clean thorough job with a new dustcap.  For other sizes and woofer brands click the surround repair page link.

Woofer reconing

Reconing is almost a total rebuild of a woofer.  The basket and magnets are reused and everything else is rebuilt with new parts.  I have partnered up with Millersound to provide high quality affordable repairs for sick EPI woofers that need more than just new foam.  If you need your woofers reconed e-mail me at bill@tributeaudio.com and I will give you the directions you need.  The price is $40 per driver plus return shipping.

Grill Repair

Tired of looking at the 25 year old beer stains on your grills?  Get your speakers looking as good as they sound.  Some new fabric on the face may get those speakers out of your basement without hearing "spouse noises".