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Tribute Audio:  Speaker Wire

If you have a great set of freshly upgrades speakers, you just have to upgrade your wires.  Most people don't realize how important quality speaker wire is to the overall performance of their system.  I build these wire sets with my crossover upgrades in mind.  I use an exceptional quality 16 gauge wire and pure copper gold plated banana plugs.  16 gauge is the largest wire that will comfortably fit in on the amp side of most vintage gear.  All of the wire ends and crimps are treated with silver bearing contact enhancer.  I leave one end as bare wire, but can add spades or banana plugs for a few dollars more.  I will put the clarity, definition, and musicality of these cables against cables costing much more.  

Prices do not include shipping or 6% sales tax for PA residents.  For cable only orders shipping is fixed at $8 via Priority Mail in the continental US .



Standard 9 foot set 55.00
Add spades to amp side 10.00
Add banana plugs to amp side 10.00
Upgrade wire to 14 gauge 5.00
Upgrade wire to 12 gauge 10.00
Add per foot of extra length (16 gauge) 2.00
Add per foot of extra length (14 gauge) 2.50
Add per foot of extra length (12 gauge) 3.00