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Tribute Audio Grill Repair

If your grills are warped, dirty, beer soaked, or just missing, I can build you new grills or put fresh cloth on your existing grills.  Dirty grills seriously degrade a speaker's WAF (wife acceptance factor), so some nice new fabric on the front may be the ticket your old speakers need before you can drag them out of the basement and display them in the mail living area.  Some of the Series 2 and Series 3 models use plastic tabs.  I build only the old school grills that are Masonite Board and anchored with Velcro.  The only difference is that I use a much thinner stretch nylon that is essentially invisible to sound.  If you have a model other than 100s that needs grills write to me and I can probably come up with something for you.

Key Benefits

Prices do not include shipping.  Please write about pricing on other models



Re-cloth EPI 100 grills 25.00
Brand New 100 grills 45.00